Rietfontein Target


An Fe-Cu occurrence is located on NW-SE Louisvale shear zone on Rietfontein 55.

The occurence is in the Kakamas Terrane of the Gordonia Subprovince in the eastern Namaqua Sector. The Fe-Cu quartz veins are hosted by metasedimentary rocks of the Korannaland Supergroup of the Biesje Poort Group. The host rocks have undergone upper amphibolite-grade metamorphism as well as intense shearing deformation. The host rocks are described as marble, and calc-silicate rocks on the contact with granite gneiss of Keimoes Suite. These host rocks have been hydrothermally altered but evidence of alteration decreases rapidly with distance from veins.

4 drillhole were drilled on the portion 2 of the property (BH 135-138 OR RT1-RT4) September 1970 by Mercury Mining and Prospecting Co Ltd.

Cu, Fe, Co, Zn and Ni potential.

11212PR Geology Map

Total Magnetic Intensity Image

Cu Productivity Map- ANN

Artificial neutral networks (ANN) were used to map possible Cu occurrences hidden under the Kalahari sands within the Areachap Terrane

Relationship between inputs, hidden and output layers is shown as Cu productivity high and low potential areas.. The black dots are known mineral Cu occurrences and there is a correlation between high potential areas and known Cu occurrences.

Exploration Methodology and Approach

Interpretation results (qualitative and quantitative) from various datasets (magnetics, radiometrics, topography, petrophysical, deposit characterization) are fed into the overall interpretation independently.

The overall interpretation results are then constrained by previously mapped geological features (faults, folding, contacts, terrane boundaries, etc), known mineral occurrences and ore genesis models to generate mineral exploration targets