Koeris Target


The farm was explored in the 1970 and 1980s together with the adjacent farms by O’kiep Copper Company (Goldfields), African Selection Trust and Black Mountain Mineral Development(Phelps Dodge).

A number of methods were carried out on the target area and these include; geophysics, geochemistry, geological mapping and drilling.

A helicopter magnetic survey, IP, gravity and ground magnetics were carried on the different targets on the farm.

There are no records on any stream sediments on the farm, however soil sampling and systematic lithosampling were done on all the targets.

The regional geology of the area was mapped and detailed mapping and structural interpretation on specific target areas was also done.

Diamond and percussion drilling was done on the targets, with 16 diamond drilled holes and 35 percussion drilled holes.

A number of potential SADEX targets were delineated on the farm Koeris 54. 3 Major targets based on geology, magnetics and historical drilling (Haramoep Anticline target, Lamoenport-Koeris-Witberg Synform target and Swartberg target.

Koeris House target- the mineralization in the area is hosted in pyritic muscovite quartzite and muscovite-graphite schist of the T’hammaberg Formation. It occurs as disseminated stratiform sulphide mineralization of Cu, Pb and Zn. However the mineralization does not show any association with exahalites therefore the mineralization is likely to be Kupferschiefer deposit.

Koeris Target Photos