Supplementary Information

  1. Despite being next to the Vedanta Black Mountain, access to the farm is very poor. The current road is only navigable by a 4×4 vehicle. However, this will be a small issue as the roads and access can easily be upgraded due to the short distance to Aggeneys which has sufficient infrastructure to support a mining operation.
  2. Power lines will need to be constructed from the Aggeneys substation to Koeris for approximately 15 km.
  3. The nearest railway line is at Aggeneys, there may be no need to build a newline to join the Aggeneys line, as the ore or concentrates can be moved by road.
  4. Access roads will need to be constructed to the N14 and Aggeneys Town.
  5. For mining purpose water may be pumped through pipelines from the Pella pump station to Koeris 54, which is approximately 60 km