We continuously apply for new prospecting rights, and this is an ongoing and an important task for Horomela. Coal, iron, zinc, silver, nickel, copper and manganese in general are some of the biggest mining industries in Africa after gold, platinum and diamonds.

All the 14 above-mentioned properties have huge mineral potential to host base metal minerals such as Zinc, Copper and Lead. The historical exploration work was not complete neither was it conclusive. Horomela would want to diligently review all the historical work and apply modern exploration methods. Horomela is currently busy with no-invasive prospecting which include geophysics and geochemical data interpreting and processing.

Horomela believes that with the above mentioned properties there is an ability to surpass the ore capacity of Vedanta’s Gamsberg flagship project. The farms combined make up a total of 148407.6 hectares (Ha) = 1484km in distance covered.

We trust that we have included enough information to determine our strengths and benefits of doing business with Horomela. We also hope that we have provided sufficient comfort to you that with our joint involvement in the projects, all parties stand not only to benefit but also to ensure long term business rewards, to ensure that we, as a team, will leave enough of a legacy behind so that the future generations will take notice and perhaps strive to be like the example we aim to be.